Federal Betrayed Investigator

Donald Trump the president known to many as a live wire. A man who does not let anything rest. One could picture the moment a decision had to be made on whether to be undiplomatic in disposing James Comey, the director of the FBI.

The approval ratings for such a decision was known to be the lowest in almost 2 months. But the question is why was such a decision to fire a man who starting a fire leading up to the election was a bad move ?

The fact that Billionaire business man lost his support based on the decision taken in removing Comey. No one could entirely fooled that the reason why Comey was removed was due to the handling’s of Clinton’s emails, if so Comey would of been sacked four months ago. There must be a deep lying issue or was the issue so obvious, one cannot deny it. The fact that Trump praised Mr Comey’s October letter, saying it had taken a lot of guts to investigate Mrs Clinton, proves a point that Trump was not being honest and leaves a open debate that,  Mr Comey was dismissed in an effort to undermine an investigation into Mr Trump’s campaign and the Russians trying to subvert the election.

The fact that the democrats, even before Mr Comey’s sacking, they were demanding that congress’s republican leaders should launch a special investigation into the subject of his probe. The Russian authorities have changed the course of the US elections with information that placed more doubt of Mrs Clinton’s future in politics.

A plan that led to many to believe that Mr Trump had help to be placed as a president. It had emerged that Mr Comey’s inquiries had led him to the peculiar closeness to Russia of two of Mr Trump’s advisers, Roger Stone and Paul Manafort, the latter was the president’s campaign chief. Can Trump possibly deny his actions were in the best interest of America, many believe that his actions were done to protect his approval ratings.

One in three voters said that Donald Trump’s action of firing Mr Comey had made his less favourable as a US President.

So who will replace the fired Comey?

The answer lies with the US president, he has announced there are four candidates in the mix. Acting FBI director Andrew McCabe, a former FBI deputy director took over in January 2016. Alice Fisher, the defence lawyer who ran the justice department’s criminal division as an assistant attorney general under G.W. Bush. Judge Michael Garcia, the former federal prosecutor serves as an associate judge on New York’s Highest state court.

Each candidate comes with vast experience but the favourite to take over the misfit Comey would be acting FBI director Andrew McCabe with his knowledge of the FBI. Mr McCabe would be easier to manipulate, suggesting that he is the ideal choice for a President looking to control the FBI and drop any allegations relating to Trump’s election campaign.

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