The slice of cake that shook the world

A peaceful event organized to do what is necessary to make America strong again, where two powerhouses united to discuss better relations between China and America. The man whom caused a world stir when introducing anti-immigration policies, presenting a major risk to several U.S economic sectors that rely on immigrant labor.

A man whom heavily relies on season immigrant laborers at his hotels and golf courses and employed undocumented workers to build Trump Tower, should understand better than anybody.

Congress stated that “immigration is one of Americas significant competitive advantages in the global economy” and with proper and necessary safeguards in place, immigration represents an opportunity rather than a threat to our economy and to American workers.

Six Nobel Prize winners have also expressed that immigration is not just a good thing but it is a necessity. A mistake from the Trump administration to file a policy that can be seen as detrimental to the idea of America being a country that is a land of the free.

Foreign policy hasn’t played an impressive outlook to the administration so far has been topped by the American government to play with real life toys. The Chinese president Xi Jinping has been said to be enjoying his chocolate cake whilst visiting Donald Trump in Palm Beach Florida, until all the closed curtains were undone.

Trump had launched missiles into Syria and expressed his moment with Xi Jinping as interesting, “he paused for a 10 seconds and then he asked the interpreter to please say it again”. Trump didn’t think that was a good sign. Although he was quick to reiterate that meetings were positive and fruitful. This was seen as offensive in the eyes of Beijing with the government not taking these surprises lightly.

China have various concerns over the US and Russia as the relations between the two countries being the worst position according to Vladimir Putin, one must be wondering what makes Donald Trump act in such a dangerous way.

59 missiles that were launched in order to send a statement to Syria and Russia that America is the worlds powerful country, this statement was a threatening move. The idea that Russia is against such action in Syria is an obvious feeling.

Trump can be playing with turning waters, Russia was not happy with the mission strike as well as China being unsure of the actions Trump is taking with North Korea.

Trump sent out troops 150,000 troops to North Korea after the US has broadcast loud and clear that Nuclear posturing in the Korean peninsula will no longer be tolerated. Xi has to prevent a strike from US on North Korea. China is North Korea’s biggest ally and would attempt “to make sure North Korea still exists and serves Chinese interests while it stops acting as a massive bulls eye to the US,” states Sim Tack from the business insider.

A nuclear strike would be treacherous for a conflict hit globe. However, China have the right tools to prevent anything from escalating, with their custom authorities rejecting coal imports from North Korea, which is a big hit to the regime. As coal contributes to 40% of North Korea total exports. A harder stance could avoid further tensions; both China and Russia consider North Korea as a necessary buffer state, which they need to keep stable for their own security.

There have been recent reports from North Korea to suggest that if they are attacked, the country will respond with atomic weapons, according to the FT.

Wang Yi, China’s foreign minister warned, “ a storm is about to break out” all parties should refrain from provoking or threatening each other whether in words or actions.

The likeliness of that happening is very slim with both North Korea and US not able to hold back on their words. Han Sang Ryol vice minister of foreign affairs warned that North Korea have very power nuclear deterrent and will certainty not keep our hands crossed in the face of a US pre-emptive strike. The world is in dangerous hands and one only can hope that China prevents these superpowers for sparking a ferocious fire.




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