Is it finally time for a Hamilton vs Vettel battle?

After Vettel and Ferraris phenomenal victory in Melbourne two weeks ago, this is the question that has been on every F1 followers lips. There were signs in pre season that Ferrari might be genuine challengers this year but after being fooled two years in a row people were understandably being cautious with their predictions. However, the fact that Vettel beat Hamilton by more than ten seconds in Australia made people think that Ferrari might actually be for real this time. lets not forget that Scuderia should’ve won in Melbourne last season as well and we all saw how that developed. Ferrari went on to finish well off the pace of both Mercedes and Red Bull.



Ferrari do look like genuine title contenders this season and the Chinese grand prix should give us clearer indication as to how good the Ferrari package is. The Chines grand prix track does favour the Mercedes car more than the Ferrari with the long straights dominating the track making it favourable for a Merc engine. However, having said that the Ferrari should still be competitive and they should give Mercedes a run for their money. I also expect Hamilton and Vettel to fight it out for the win.



Hamilton and Vettel have been in Formula One for ten years and its astonishing how they haven’t fought for title yet, considering they have both won seven of the last ten drivers championships. They are considered to be the best drivers on the grid and with Vettel`s four championships to Hamilton`s three, there is a lot to play for. As an F1 fan I cannot wait for Sunday and to see if Ferrari are indeed genuine title challengers and if Hamilton vs Vettel is something we can look forward to this season.












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