Is Christmas really Christmas?

Spending money you do not have, filling up Christmas stockings and eating too many mince pies. Christmas. A time where the legend of ‘Santa Claus’ is born again, upholding the belief that he will bring gifts to children, depending on their behaviour throughout the year. A time where families are united together and a Christmas tree is put up, just to be in the festive spirit. A time where gifts are exchanged. Is this what Christmas really means?


Initially, Christmas came about to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ: The Son of God. This is an important time for Christians, as they believe that Jesus is the light and the only way that they can have a true relationship with God, as mentioned in the scripture John 14:6. If Jesus had not come, Christians believe that they would not have been set free from their sins and hence that they would not be saved. However, Luke 19:10 and John 3:17 are promises that Jesus came to earth to save mankind, and because of this, Christians celebrate Christmas as a way of showing their gratitude for the life of Jesus Christ.

Although there is not a specific commandment in the Bible to celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25th, the Bible does instruct that Christians should remember Him. It is important to note here, that there is a difference between having a duty and being at liberty. A duty is an obligatory force to do something, whereas liberty is freedom of control and having the choice to perform an act. Christianity is more than a religion, it is about a relationship with God, and in any strong relationship, there is the element of choice. There is liberty. For this reason, it is not required that Christians must celebrate Christmas; instead, Christians choose to celebrate this day as a way of appreciating all the things Jesus has done for them. After all, wouldn’t you celebrate the birthday of someone you loved?


So, I leave you with one final thought: Is Christmas really Christmas in today’s generation, or has it merely become a social holiday?

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  1. Very well researched, very well written article.
    Not too long , just right and straight on to the point.
    Very informative and lots of food for thought.

    Well done Malika
    It should be published.

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